V​/​A The Dreadful Symphonies Compilation

by Crusm

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The track we recorded for a compilation

"The Dreadful Symphonies" compilation record (CD/digital) is a donation certificate for all who buy it.

All profits made will go to cover further medical treatment of Victoria, The Dead Goats guitar/bass player daughter who suffers malignant brain tumor.

This release is unique as all the tracks you hear are either recorded for this particular purpose or have been unpublished so far for various reasons.

Limited to 616 copies, CD, jewel case.

You can buy it here:
- thedeadgoats.8merch.com
- thedreadfulsymphoniescompilation.bandcamp.com
- thedeadgoats@gmail.com

Cover art: Radek Pierściński, Cryptink
Mastering: Haldor Grunberg, Satanic Audio
Design: Tukan, Dark Side Of Punk Records
Executive Production: Instant Classic, 8merch

Released by The Crowd Went Crazy Records, No 002.
release March 23, 2018

V/A "The Dreadful Symphonies" CD Compilation

1. The Dead Goats - Before The Storm
2. ICON of EVIL - Ojcze Wasz... (demo version)
3. Drip Of Lies - A.C.A.B.
4. In Twilight's Embrace - Pawns
5. Calm The Fire - Forget The World You Used To Love
6. Corruption - In League With The Devil (acoustic live)
7. The Dog - The Last Of The Hippies
8. Filth of Mankind - XX Wiek
9. Meat Spreader - A Man Who Falls Info Boiling Septic Tank
10. Fertile Hump - Kiss Kiss or Bang Bang
11. Orphanage Named Earth - Future Found In Hope
12. Enfeeblement - I Run Blind
13. Alert! Alert! - Siekiera (Siekiera cover)
14. F.A.M - Boneyard (Impetigo cover)
15. CASTET - W.S.O.Ł.
16. Social Crisis - Żart?
17. Ogotay - A Hole In The Sky
18. The Stubs - Suicide Young One
19. CHORYGEN feat. Simi - Tryby (Breakcore Remix)
20. CRUSM - Devoured By Rats
21. After Laughter - The Mist
22. Squash Bowels - Bad Toys
23. The Dead Goats - Reborn In Gore


released March 23, 2018

Crusm - Devoured by Rats

Recorded in January 2018 by Crusm
Mixed by Krzysztof Drabikowski
Photo by Riffunderground
BIG thanks to Amadeusz for mics and to Bobson for support

Crusm is:
De Vile - Vocal,
Rat King - Bass, Vocal,
R. - Guitar,
Chris Rigor Mortis - Drums


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Crusm London, UK

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